Shandong Mingsheng Chemical Engineering Co.,Ltd.
“ MINGSHENG”, a Chinese phrase: MING means eternal bright day time while SHENG means working hard, complying with nature and always down-to earth.

The predecessor of Shandong Mingsheng Chemicals Engineering Co.,Ltd. is Mingshui Giant Chemical Group (hereinafter referred to as MINGSHENG), which was founded in the year of 1958. With decades of rich experience in this industry and deep chemical industry foundation, under the help of the environmental laboratory system from Giant Chemical Group, MINGSHENG has been devoting to develop its R&D capability for decades. MINGSHENG has set up R&D center in Tsinghua Technology Center in Tsinghua University. In order to implement the development of high technology, MINGSHENG set up a design center for ultra-low discharge, formed a R & D Team for a system combined from the processes of combustion modification, denitration, dedusting, desulfuration and ultra-low discharge.

The registration Capital of MINGSHENG is fifty million and one hundred thousand RMB, (equal to around seven million and eighty-two thousand US Dollars. ) The headquarters of MINGSHENG is in Zhangqiu District, Jinan Province in Shandong Province of Peoples Republic of China. MINGSHENG has set up an environmental protection construction branch in Dezhou City, Shandong Province. Nowadays, there are more than 600 staff, among which, 128 are professional in different domains in MINGSHENG. MINSHENG holds twenty-six National Patents and is qualified for environmental engineering, electromechanical engineering, pressure vessel, pressure piping design and installation & management, etc.. MINGSHENG is a BOT practical environmental company, focusing on providing integrated service to the clients in designing, manufacturing, installation, transportation and operation. MINGSHENG bears special strength to provide environmental engineering services to clients in environmental protection industry, chemicals industry, electric power industry and smelting industry.

As time goes by, MINGSHENG always bears the responsibility to confer benefit to all Human being and regards it as the guide of the company development. MINGSHENG is aiming to be one of the leaders in Environmental Protection Industry especially focusing on the air pollution solution with the marketing demand as the guideline, concentrating on environmental protection industry and substantial economy, combining the developing trends both domestic and abroad. MINGSHENG has been done thorough investigation in order to adjust its development direction according to the demand of the society and industry. Currently, MINGSHENG is skilled at desulfuration, denitration and providing waste water & gas solution. MINGSHENG is planning to develop its capability in the domain of Ecology Civilization. More importantly MINGSHENG is dreaming to promote the Chinese National Excellent Spirit in its own platform, by its own corporate culture in Environmental Protection industry.

Chairman of Mingsheng, Mr. Zhang Bo stated, Innovation to a company is like the hematopoietic function to the human body, it’s the most foundation life force. Only bear the dream in mind all the time, can people work hard continually. This is the eternal soul of a company. Based on its own manufacturing ability, combining the innovation theory from high faculty both domestic and abroad, MINGSHENG shall continually working to develop environmental protection industry by transferring high technology to more social value for Human beings to create more social value!