performance of desulfurization and denitrification

Weifang coking ammonia desulphurization project

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Shandong Wei Jiaoholding group, founded in 1971, is a development of coal chemical industry,science, industry and trade as one of the national large-scale modernenterprise. The focus group has been the National Bureau of statistics, theState Administration of Taxation awarded the "national top ten cokingindustry benefit enterprise", "35 industry tax hundredenterprises". Is the "national private enterprises (Manufacturing) isone of the top 500, the Shandong Provincial People's government to focus onsupporting the coking enterprises.

Over thepast 40 years, Wei Jiao group formed a 4 million 500 thousand tons / yearcoking ability and recovery of production facilities, CDQ and waste heat powergeneration equipment, 1 million tons of coal tar deep processing, 200 thousandtons of benzene hydrogenation, 100 thousand tons of food additives of ammoniumhydrogen carbonate, 60 thousand tons PBT, 40 thousand tons and 10 thousand tons/ year of crude phenol anhydride deep processing the scale of production,construction of the Weifang Changle and Zaozhuang Xuecheng two circular economyindustrial park, carefully cultivated in coking production, deep processing ofcoal tar, crude benzene deep-processing, phenolic fine chemical, new energy newmaterials, international trade, modern logistics, technology service eightindustry sector.