performance of desulfurization and denitrification

Shanxi Yongxin Coal Coking Co., Ltd. 3*75t/h flue gas desulfurization project

Date of release:2017/12/01 | Follow:1007

Ming Shengenvironmental protection, ammonia desulphurization, ultra low emission

Yongxin engineering Shanxi Yongxin Coal Coking Co. Ltd. is a set ofcoal washing, coking, chemical recycling, new modern enterprise power and gascomprehensive utilization in one. Our company undertake the 3*75t/h flue gasdesulfurization project, since the end of March 2015 to start construction, atthe end of September to test conditions, and test and single water linkageoutside the tower test. Our advanced oxidation technology used in this project,a set of independent oxidation system, using methanol plant provides ammoniawaste water, flue gas contained in the conversion of SO2 to ammonium sulfateproducts, truly turning waste into treasure, harm to benefit, set a newbenchmark for domestic environmental protection industry.

Through the research and development of the external oxidationtechnology of the tower, we strengthened the leading position of our company inthe domestic ammonia desulphurization, strengthened the research anddevelopment direction of our company for the ammonia desulphurizationdiversification, and further enhanced the visibility of our company.