performance of desulfurization and denitrification

The products of 2*130t/h ammonia desulfurization project

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ShandongCoal Chemical Group Chemical Co. Ltd. is located in Shandong city of Ji'nanprovince Zhangqiu Diao Zhen Chemical Industrial Park, formerly Ji'nan Mingshuichemical fertilizer factory, founded in 1958, is one of the first thirteensets, in 1962 the first batch of ammonium hydrogen carbonate was in June 2005and the Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group Limited company to implementstrategic cooperation, enterprise restructuring "Shandong coal chemicalChemical Group Co. Ltd.", become the Shanxi Coal Group coal chemicalsector's part. Annual production value of 3 billion yuan.

ShandongMing Sheng Chemical Engineering Co. Ltd., is originated from the constructionof the country in 1958 the Mingshui chemical fertilizer group, is a chemicalenterprise developed environmental entity. Shandong coal chemical ChemicalGroup 2*130t/h boiler flue gas desulfurization project at the beginning of ourcompany with a thankful heart careful design of ammonia desulfurizationprocess, after a fierce bidding competition with our latest generation IIIammonia desulfurization technology in recent years and a good reputation in theenvironmental protection industry in the bid.

Theproject is a one-time success, in the wet electrostatic precipitator is notinstalled under the condition of the flue gas outlet SO2 control under 5mg/Nm3,aerosol, ammonia escape below 5ppm; less than < Shandong thermal power plantair pollutant emission standards "(DB37/664-2013) table 1 uses gas as fuelboiler or gas turbine (sulfur dioxide emission standard limits of 35mg/N3.50mg/N3 of NOx, soot, 5mg/N3) of major pollutants achieved ultra low emissionstandards, and beyond the standard to achieve" zero emissions ".

At present, all the process indicators of the ammoniadesulphurization project are stable, and the system has been running normallyfor more than a month. There is no tail gas phenomenon. The successfuloperation of the desulfurization project has been highly appraised by the ownerunit. We have been working hard to build a project and a benchmark.