performance of desulfurization and denitrification

2*220t/h ammonia desulphurization project in middle and middle plain of Yang coal

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Theapplication of the first generation ammonia desulphurization technology of MingSheng chemical industry

Exampleexhibition of 2 x 220t/h two furnace and one tower ammonia method of sinohuagroup plain Chemical Co., Ltd.

The project is in2009 by the International Tendering Company in the face of national publictender, to participate in the bidding units of Jiangnan environmentalprotection, Shanghai Shen Chuan, Jiangsu and Yichang and all ammoniadesulfurization in our company, no business and bidding experience, withtechnical superiority and experience to the higher price of chemical eventuallywinning. After winning the owners the leadership said with emotion:"ammonia desulfurization need chemical experience and advanced technologytogether is a new technological revolution, to achieve the waste is not easy,you choose the more fancy you are entity, we believe that the choice is notwrong"

Because at thetime of ammonia desulfurization with no real success stories, we are the firstgeneration technology Chinese ammonia desulfurization first case of realsuccess, after the "2011 national fertilizer, methanol industry experienceexchange" as a new desulfurization technology promotion, is listed as"national fertilizer industry in 12th Five-Year" focus on thepromotion of Technology.

The project hasfour years of stable operation and low emission data validation the original ownersof our choice is wise (flue gas outlet SO2 control in 35mg/Nm3, aerosol,ammonia escape below 7.5ppm). With good benefits to treat waste waste, lowoperation cost, high desulfurization efficiency, stable operation and otheradvantages become signs of domestic environmental protection projects, and wongood reputation.

Recently, we arepreparing to track and improve its projects with fifth generation of newtechnologies to ensure that they are in the lead at home and abroad.