performance of desulfurization and denitrification

Flue gas desulfurization of Jilin Quan de 3*130t/h boiler

Date of release:2017/12/01 | Follow:914

The Jilin springGerman straw comprehensive utilization Co., Ltd. 3*130t/h desulphurizationproject, which has been completed in our company, has been completed.

Our company nowhas environmental engineering design qualification B, environmental operationqualification, qualification of pressure vessel manufacturing, pressurepipeline construction qualification, has a large design management team andstrong construction team, has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, covers an area of150 acres; the company now has more than 600 employees, all kinds ofprofessionals 128 people, state 26 patents, especially in ammoniadesulfurization, with unique core technology and rich experience in chemicalindustry, completely solve the aerosol, ammonia desulfurization of ammoniaescape, high energy consumption, high corrosion, easy blockage and ammoniumsulfate product can not be stable operation of production, realize energysaving and emission reduction, the real benefit of treasure.

Our company will,as always, give full play to the technical advantages, strict constructionstandards, and make this project a fine quality project.