performance of desulfurization and denitrification

Hubei three Ning 2*280t/h ammonia desulphurization project

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Thepredecessor of the Department of chemical fertilizer factory of Zhijiang CountyHubei three Nanjing Chemical Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 1970,.2007years of state owned Enterprises -- Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite Mining GroupHoldings Limited. The company is the national high-tech enterprise, Chinachemical fertilizer Chinese 100, 50 and 100 Chinese fertilizer brands of largeenterprises, with assets of 7 billion 200 million yuan is a. In the coalchemical industry, phosphorus chemical industry, petrochemical and finechemical industry as one of the large enterprises.

Hubei three Nanjing 2 * 280t/h boiler fluegas desulfurization project through the environmental protection industrylong-term investigation, a nationwide screening more than a dozen largeenvironmental companies bidding, our company with the second generation of ammoniadesulfurization technology unique in one fell swoop. Our company adhering tothe "undertake engineering rod" business philosophy, in the premiseof the selection of the most advanced technology, reasonable arrangement ofequipment layout, three Nanjing 2 * 280t/h boiler flue gas desulfurizationproject to drive after the content of sulfur dioxide in flue gas at 30mg/Nfollowing an annual output of 40 thousand tons of fand, ammonium sulfateproducts, project images by many enterprises in environmental protection byammonia desulfurization project has become the benchmark of the project, threeproject pictures and even Ning in other environmental protection companybrochure, this phenomenon indicates that the ammonia desulfurization of ourcompany has begun to lead the domestic desulfurization industry, our companywill not worry about the domestic environmental protection enterprises toimitate my ammonia desulfurization Technology, because our ammoniadesulphurization technology is innovating every minute, our R & Ddepartment is aiming at "being imitated and never surpassed" for thepurpose of innovation, developing more efficient and low energy environmentaltechnology, serving customers to repay the society.