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Asd chemical industry entered the end stage

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Asd Chemical Co.Ltd. has been the development of Shandong has become an annual output of 180thousand tons of synthetic ammonia, 300 thousand tons of urea, 150 thousandtons of formic acid, 50 thousand tons of methanol, 20 thousand tons of mixedmethylamine, 15 thousand tons of calcium formate, generating 320 million kwhmore than ten kinds of products in large scale chemical enterprises. Theproduct uses formic acid methyl formate was the world's most advancedproduction technology. The scale ranks first in Asia and second in the world.The company has obtained two national metrology enterprises, two nationalenergy saving enterprises, national archives management enterprises, nationalhigh-tech enterprises, Chinese chemical 500 companies in Shandong province 200key enterprises, management innovation in Shandong Province outstandingenterprises in Shandong Province, energy-saving advanced enterprises inShandong province science and technology export trade innovation base, Tai'anCity, the top 30 industrial enterprises such as the honorary title."Chunwang" brand urea "brand-name products in Shandongprovince", "Shandong famous trademark" Asd ". "Formicacid" has won the honorary title of "China well knowntrademark", "Shandong famous brand product", "Shandongfamous trademark", "recommended products to the EU market" and"internationally famous brand of Shandong province".

Shandong ashodTechnology Co. Ltd. 2 150t/h boiler flue gas by ammonia desulfurizationprocess, using a single furnace single tower, set up a total of 2 sets ofdesulfurization system, flue gas after desulfurization purification by separatechimneys.

The design processof the system, must also meet the pure coal burning in the boiler (design andcheck coal), and the boiler flue gas desulfurization and coal blending processgas demand situation, and meet the requirements of environmental emissions,namely, ultra clean emissions requirements, dust emission concentration is lessthan 5mg/m3; NOX emission concentration is less than or equal to 50mg/m3; SO2emission concentration is less than or equal to 35mg/m3; blackness (1 Greenmanblackness).

FGDtower body hoisting:

Now that the toweris completed, the cable tray and electrical instruments are being installed inan orderly way. Today, the lifting of the outlet flue and the construction ofworkers are all in a rush. According to the provisions of the nodes, thequality and quantity of the works will be completed.

Outletpipe hoisting

MingSheng environmental protection staff will continue to carry forward the spiritof craftsmen and firmly believe in making every step of work for the smoothcompletion of the project. We also believe that through the hard work of MingSheng environmental protection constructors, we will further establish aperfect performance in the Qilu land.