Project progress

Three phase ammonia desulphurization project of Weifang coking plant

Date of release:2017/12/01 | Follow:1147

In March 2016 22,Ming Sheng environmental successfully signed Weifang Special Steel Group Co.Ltd. owned power plant 3*220t/h boiler flue gas desulfurization, dust, ultralow emission projects, this is another ammonia desulfurization technology hasbeen widely application of Ming Sheng environmental protection achievements, isthe domestic steel enterprises to achieve the feat and national low emissionstandards and the choice of Ming Dynasty Sheng environmental ammonia desulfurizationtechnology.

Project technology overview:

Weifang specialsteel boiler flue gas desulfurization, dust, ultra low emission projects,project scale 3*220t/h boiler flue gas desulfurization EPC; using ammoniadesulfurization process, under the design condition to ensure thedesulfurization efficiency is greater than 99.2%, after flue gasdesulfurization emissions reached SO2 less than 35mg/Nm3, the total particlesin 5mg/Nm3 ultra low emissions requirements for.3 boilers do 1 sets ofdesulfurization system, flue gas treatment capacity according to the normaloperation of flue gas in 3 boilers, namely 1494000m3/h. desulfurization systemarranged in the boiler plant near the device in accordance with safety,environmental protection, industrial hygiene requirements.

This projectrequired to achieve the national low emission standards, the flue gas volume of1 million 450 thousand, to achieve no wet electric ultra low emission. Soaccording to strict requirements, high standards, Weifang Special Steel GroupCo. Ltd. related leaders inspected the line many domestic manufacturers, afterseveral rounds of inspection comparison, finally chose the Ming Shengenvironmental protection, the ammonia desulfurization technology. Through theMing Sheng environmental cooperation, to further expand the application fieldof Ming Sheng environmental ammonia desulfurization, deepen the consensusbetween the two sides in the ultra low emissions, a solid foundation for thefuture of a series of cooperation on environmental protection.