performance of desulfurization and denitrification

Linzhiye group 3*520t/h flue gas desulfurization project

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ShandongQuanlin paper industry limited liability company formerly known as Gaotangpaper factory, founded in 1976, is a large group of enterprises tocomprehensive utilization of straw pulp and paper as the core, the total assetsof 7 billion 400 million yuan, Shandong Quanlin Paper Industry Co. Ltd. is anational innovation oriented enterprises, the first batch of national circulareconomy pilot units, advanced units of the national recycling economy. Thenational standardization of circular economy pilot units.

Shandong Quanlinpaper industry group 3*520t/h ammonia desulfurization project started Tralingroup attaches great importance to the self organization project, environmentalinvestigation team, which lasted more than 40 years of a desulfurizationproject three well-known domestic and construction units were investigated, tocommunicate with our company in the inspection period, our company was thefourth generation of ammonia desulphurization technology: ammonia - Asiaammonium sulfate desulfurization process improvement is completed, Tralinstudied the technical scheme of comprehensive certification provided by ourcompany, compared with other desulfurization environmental protection companyin the open tender process, we found the fourth generation of ammoniadesulfurization technology is more in line with the circular economy Tralindemand and ammonium sulfite desulfurization products can be used for Tralinpaper waste recycling industry, to achieve the purpose, so our company with thefourth generation of ammonia desulfurization technology to eliminate othercompetitors in the total project price More than one hundred million of the bidtender price. At present the main project has been completed, after thecompletion of the project of Shandong Ming Sheng Chemical Engineering Co. Ltd.will be in the China environmental protection industry to establish abenchmark, and the fourth generation of ammonia desulfurization technology ofdesulphurization papermaking industry of our country make a great contribution.