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Hebei Dongguang chemical tower linkage test

Date of release:2017/12/01 | Follow:1205

Hebei province Dongguang Chemical Co.Ltd. was founded in 1970,which is located in the East Industrial Zone ofDongguang County of Cangzhou City, adjacent to the Beijing Shanghai Expresswayand 104 National Road, which is a company specializing in the production ofurea nitrogen in large enterprises, annual production capacity of 1 million 200thousand tons, the total assets of 2 billion yuan, covers an area of 700thousand square meters.

Hebei Dongguangchemical production and operation of the main sales of urea, ammonia, methanol,liquid carbon dioxide, sulfur, ammonium sulfate, LNG, lactone, fertilizeradditives.

Hebei Dongguang chemical companiesadhere to the " Technical reform does not stop, management seeks benefit"ideas, for several years the scale of production time enterprises doubled. Thecomprehensive index for three consecutive years ranked the first in the sameindustry, ranked the top 30 enterprises of small nitrogenous fertilizerproduction.

The Hebei Dongguang chemical 2 * 120t/hflue gas desulfurization project supporting waste boiler with EPC generalcontracting mode, using ammonia desulfurization process, ensure that the actualconditions, the system of export SO2, dust concentration, nitrogen oxides tolow emission standards, ammonia escape is less than equal to or less than7.6mg/Nm3, the desulfurization system equipment, electrical, instrumentationand control design the equipment and materials supply, construction,installation, commissioning, performance test, training all by Ming Sheng incharge of environmental protection.