performance of desulfurization and denitrification

Shandong coal chemical chemical project

Date of release:2017/12/01 | Follow:1106

By my company to take the Shandong coal chemical group offlue gas desulfurization project, from July last year to sign the bill, whichlasted 1 years and zero or one months after the hard work of all the staff andworkers of the struggle, was successfully completed in September this year. Theproject consists of our first construction project Department, since the start,all construction personnel in the face of short duration, high qualityrequirements, poor environment, develop the Ming Sheng, dare to fight tough,brave spirit, to overcome a difficulty, eliminate all adverse factors, workovertime, day and night construction, and finally the completion of theproject.

Inthe process of construction, construction workers carry forward the glorioustradition and fine style of the company, accomplish this project efficientlyand efficiently, and strive to build a model project in their peers