performance of desulfurization and denitrification

Tangshan punleet 2*75t/h ammonia desulfurization project

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TangshanBangli Chemical Co. Ltd. Shanxi Silver 2 x 75t/h boiler of ammoniadesulfurization project in Hebei province is located in Tangshan City YutianCounty, the construction unit of the Tangshan punleet Shanxi silver ChemicalCo. Ltd.. This project is a two 75t circulating fluidized bed boiler flue gasammonia desulfurization project, the total amount is 334000m3/h, the content ofSO2 is 1.27g/Nm3. the entrance flue gas project completed in 2010 98%, thedesulfurization efficiency, the sulfur content below 100mg/m3, reached thenational standard.